After two shootings in the United States in the weekend to take away 31 lives, President Trump tried to unite the people of the country, but because of his anti-immigration tone caused anger, one of the shooting sites Residents of the city of El Paso, Texas, said today that they hope Trump will not visit.

On the 3rd, El Paso, on the border between the United States and Mexico, was shot and killed. 22 people were killed. In the early morning of the 4th, Dayton, Ohio, was shot again. The gunman killed 9 people. Kill. Trump is scheduled to visit El Paso, the majority of Hispanic residents, and then travel to Mutton, 2,400 km away.

Trump yesterday spoke to Americans about the shootings, calling for condemnation of racism, paranoia, blindness, and white supremacism, but community leaders said that Trump has long refused to publicly criticize white supremacism, and often published provocative tweets. Widely condemned as a racist, he now says that this is very empty.

Beto O’Rourke, the Democratic presidential primaries who grew up in El Paso, said in a tweet: “This president will help create hatred and will lead to a tragedy on Saturday. He should not come to Ayr. Paso. We don’t need to cause more disagreement. We need to heal and heal. There is no place for him.”

Nan Whaley, the mayor of the town, said she would meet with Trump and tell him “how much he can help, his conversation is not helpful for the gun (problem).”

El Paso’s shooting took place at the Walmart store, where the 21-year-old gunman was white, from the Dallas area. According to reports, he posted a statement on the Internet complaining that “Hispanics invaded Texas.”

Critics point out that his remarks echo Trump’s words in tweets and creations. Trump also often expresses the idea that Hispanics “invade” the United States.

Democrat Federal Representative Veronica Escobar, who covers the location of the El Paso shooting scene, also said that Trump’s words and deeds played a role in the tragedy. “In my opinion, he is not welcome here. He should not come here when we mourn.”

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo stressed in an upcoming visit to Trump that he welcomes the President’s visit because it is his duty.

Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway accused Trump of trying to unite the country and heal the pain in this extremely painful moment. The Democrats took the opportunity to conduct political operations.

Residents of El Paso have not been impressed by Trump’s call for unity. They told AFP that they are worried that white nationalism will rise, and Trump is part of this problem.

Resident Silvia Rios said: “I did blame our president. Since he took office, he has said that to people who are just different in color, to show that hatred, he has no right (to come here).”

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